One Placenta, One Chance!

Looking forward to a faster and more pleasant postpartum recovery? Find your trusted professional Placenta Encapsulation Services from May Goh.







MamaConfinement is a humble home based placenta encapsulation service that help your body transition through your postpartum period.

Congratulations and Welcome, new mother!!! Did you know...

Placenta Encapsulations is a process to transform your most natural, nutrient-rich organ into pill form to support your postpartum recovery. Placenta is high in iron, protein, vitamins, minerals and of course, your very own natural hormones.

By dehydrating, powdering and placing it into vegetarian capsules, it is perfectly "made for you, by you".

Ingesting the placenta is NOT a new practice. Chinese have been using their placenta for over 5000 years. In Indonesia and the Czech Republic, it was believed that ingesting one's placenta would guarantee future fertility.

And, most amazingly, ALL other mammals living on land routinely eat their placenta after giving birth! (Ah-Hah!)

It has become a growing trend among new mothers who understood and valued the potential of placenta and if you haven't already know, the use of placenta extracts are commonly found in many high-end beauty products, and many, may celebrities consume their own placentas to keep up their energy and preserve their youth and looks as well.

The placenta is the organ that surrounds the fetus in the womb and allows for the exchange of nutrients, blood, and waste with the mother. It is expelled from the uterus after the birth of the child. The custom of consuming the placenta, often done as placental encapsulation, is centuries old, practiced most often in Chinese medicine. 



滋补养生 胎盘珍贵 入药食用 母婴受惠

想要产后迅速复原身体? 想要不受产后抑郁症所困?MamaConfinement 为您提供最专业、最值得信赖的胎盘胶囊制务。


Your Safety is Paramount
Encapsulating your placenta is a safe and healthy way to help your body transition through your postpartum period. It is a fabulous way to help avoid the baby blues and treat symptoms of postpartum depression. Research has proven that the placenta is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Your body needs these to help it recover. Your placenta is created by you and contains your own natural hormones. The placenta retains these hormones following birth and reintroducing them to your system is believed to ease postpartum hormonal fluctuations.

I have a fully dedicated work area for placenta encapsulation. The preparation process is always done in a sterile environment, using sterile equipment.
I wear medical grade gloves, disposable protective apron, and face mask. Every piece of equipment is properly disinfected with 10% bleach solution to kill any potential pathogen.
The preparation process adheres to the safety standard set by the BC Regional Health Authorities for food preparation.
Each placenta capsule is prepared with knowledge and love, providing you the greatest quality and care you can ask for.

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